33 Facts About Success That Will Help You To Achieve It

“Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life but as by the obstacles which he has overcome”.

“Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work” – Stephen King

The greatest victory is the one which is obtained with hardest struggles of life. Failure is a part of success, since it tests our limit and shines our capability to achieve the desired goal. Our society doesn’t reward defeat, and you’ll find few failures documented in history books.

In fact, experience is life’s greatest teacher and experience comes from failures of life. One of the greatest examples of failure turning into success is Thomas Edison who failed 1000 times but without accepting defeat he invented the light bulb in his next turn.

On the hunt for success? Here are some success facts to take note of –

1. Failure Is A Part Of Success

facts about success

Failure can and will happen, regardless of how awesome your work ethic is. The most successful people understand the reality of failure and its importance in finding success. While you may want to run and hide after you fail, you must learn from your mistakes to ensure you don’t fail in the same way the second time around.

2. Set Smart Goals 

facts about success

Those who are successful set daily achievable goals. Find success by solidifying goals that are S.M.A.R.T. — specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely. Get rid of long-term goals and establish small daily goals to achieve your vision more easily.

3. It’s Not Always About Luck

facts about success

It’s all too easy to chalk up success to being in the right place at the right time. While this certainly is an element of success, you can’t forget the crucial involvement of blood, sweat, and tears.

Don’t hold yourself back by waiting for the perfect timing or idea. Some of the most successful people got there by hitting the ground running, even if timing wasn’t perfect.

4. Carefully Track Your Progress

facts about success

Often, success comes down to keeping your eye on the prize while regularly monitoring behaviors, strategies, and tactics. You can’t make adjustments if you don’t know how you’re doing. Be sure to hold yourself accountable by checking your progress as often as possible and getting feedback when it’s due.

5. Don’t Wait To Act

facts about success

Successful people don’t always know the right answer, but they keep moving anyway. Taking action will lead to answers, so don’t let obstacles stall you when you’re searching for the right solution.

6. Connect The Dots

facts about success

Those who are successful have the ability to see the greater picture. Look at things in a “past, present, and future” context to receive favorable results. You will be able to see what failed and what was the most important turn in your life.

7. Harness Your Confidence

facts about success

You’ve got to truly believe in your abilities. Assess yourself to gain a clear understanding of what you are able to accomplish, and use this as fuel to light your own fire.

8. Commit To Your Goals

facts about success

Success doesn’t come without effort. The most successful individuals are often the most committed to what they’re working toward. Go the extra mile every day and make no exceptions.

9. Notice The Impact

facts about success

Awareness breeds success. If you’re not keyed in to your environment, you’re sure to miss opportunities. Listen to what’s being said about your company, constantly hone feedback, and keep your eyes and ears on your entire industry.

10. Communicate Like A Pro

facts about success

Those who are successful have an ease for convincing others. They don’t manipulate or pressure but logically explain the benefits. Communicating with confidence will allow you to more easily negotiate your visions.

11. Display Humility 

facts about success

Success doesn’t have to come with an ego. In fact, many successful people don’t have one. This is because they understand that while extraneous factors come into play, some failure can be chalked up to their own shortcomings. Never forget to hold yourself accountable for every aspect of your life. This is how you’ll remain focused and humble.

12. Success Isn’t All About Talent

facts about success

In her new book Grit, psychologist Angela Duckworth investigates the characteristics of people who achieve great things. She finds that being successful isn’t all about having the right genius and talents. It has much more to do with grit – a unique blend of passion and perseverance.

The great news is that your ability to achieve doesn’t depend on what you were born with. If you want to be successful, you can stop focusing on your natural talents and start developing your grit.

13. Success Is Relative

facts about success

Your benchmark for success is different from someone else and will probably change quite a few times. Try to make a note of what your benchmark is (write it down if you must) so you can give yourself the kudos you deserve when you achieve it.

14. It’s Sometimes Hard To Recognise That You’re Successful When You Do Become Success

facts about success

Even though your motivation for success seems very apparent, when you achieve it and are ultimately “successful”, it’s so easy to get lost in the journey to success that you forget to stop and take a look at what you’ve actually achieved. Try to pause from time to time and give yourself a pat on the back for what you’ve achieved.

15. You Should Celebrate Yourself

facts about success

No one will if you don’t. It is really essential for you to know that you have achieved something that others have not. So, by celebrating you are praising yourself and giving the reward that you deserve.

16. There’s Just No Substitute For Hard Work 

facts about success

Yes, sometimes luck can contribute to success but regardless of what anyone tells you, no successful person is ‘just lucky’. Luck can provide you with a good start or put you in the right place to start your journey to success but hard work is what will see you to success. Luck is like a matchstick, yes it can start a fire but you’ll need so much more to keep that fire going.

17. People Won’t See The Hard Work You Put And Will Probably Scold You

facts about success

It’s just not because they’re being unkind but because they just don’t know how much time and effort it’s taken you to get to where you are. They will most likely focus on the nicer side of things and not give you the credit you deserve for your hard-work.

Never let that get to you. If people just think you’re lucky, it’s probably because you’ve worked so hard and done a fantastic job at work so seamlessly.

18. You Need To Immerse Yourself In Your Field

facts about success

You can’t be a successful Formula 1 racer without stepping foot into a car. Even ‘outsiders’ have some involvement in the fields they are looking to be successful in, they just have a different approach/viewpoint from everyone else. You really need to surround yourself with something relevant to your field which should be fairly easy to do if you have a genuine interest in the field.

19. Know How to Get Along

You can’t cook an omelette without cracking a few eggs, but if you crack too many eggs you’ll get a heartburn. Knowing how to tolerate conflict is important, but being in conflict constantly means getting distracted from your goal. Pick your battles, and know when to step down.

 20. Being Old Doesn’t Matter

facts about success

The writing is on the wall: “Being more efficient and productive with time matters more in the long run than your age”.

Just because older people have had more time to stack up their successes doesn’t mean being older is everything in success. A study conducted on over 3,000 physicists showed that the likelihood of making important contributions to their field was directly correlated to the amount of time they put into their work.

21. Don’t Dangle That Carrot

facts about success
Source : www.resumaker.co.in

Passion and intrinsic motivation are key factors to success and completing a task. According to psychologists, if we enjoy and are passionate about a task, we will do it without any desire for an external reward; we will be intrinsically motivated.

22. Unleash Your Creativity

facts about success

When we are intrinsically motivated to do something, studies suggest that we are actually more creative about the task at hand, which can help us better perform at our work.

23. Impostor Syndrome Is Real

facts about success

Impostor syndrome—that little voice inside our heads that tell us we can’t do something or don’t belong somewhere—is a very real thing, and has very real consequences. A study by Mirjam Neureiter and Eva Traut-Mattausch found that impostor syndrome is correlated with lower salaries and fewer promotions.

Some One Line Facts :-

1. Both success and failure are on the same road. Success is little far than the failure milestone.

2. You do not fail when you don’t achieve your goal, but when you give up.

3. Some people fail again and again. While some succeed after learning lessons from every failure.

4. People who become successful never let the failure get to their heart.

5. Failure teaches us to think different. This way people who fail learn to act smarter in life.

6. Never give up attitude with consistent effort can convert even a biggest failure into giant success.

7. Every successful person has dealt with failure in different circumstances of life. Fear of failing never let you win.

8. Losers quit when they fail. But winners learn from failures with consistent efforts until they succeed.

9. To achieve something, one must loose something. So if you want to achieve your goal, move out from your comfort zone.

10. Most people have achieved their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure.

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