35 Best Facts About Girls Which I Bet You Don’t Know

All of those books on how to understand women have nothing about the biological and social facts of the fairer side of humanity. For example, why they live 2–5 years longer than men across the world. Come and get to know little incredible things that turned out to be true about women.

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1. Let’s Kick off With the Word Itself ‘Woman’

Ever wonder where the word came from? Many people say it comes from the Middle English word ‘wifmon’, meaning ‘wife of the man’.

2. They Have the Gift of Gab

Girls are naturally chatty. While both boy and girl babies say their first word around their first birthday, girls usually have more words at 16 months than toddler boys do. Girls are also first to hit the 300-word vocabulary mark.Women speak about 20 000 words a day. That’s 13 000 more than the average man! Just keep chatting! 

3. They’re Depressed

Before adolescence, equal numbers of boys and girls faces depression. About 10 to 15 percent of all children report normal to extreme signs of depression. By age 13, a dramatic shift occurs, and more than twice as many girls as boys are depressed. Two possible reasons? Girls mature faster and are more prone to self-esteem issues.

4. They Know How You Feel

After reviewing more than 100 studies, researchers concluded that girls, even in infancy, are better at figuring out people’s emotions based on their facial expressions. They also recognize faces more readily than boys. 

5. They’re Mean

1 in 3 girls worldwide between the ages of 13 and 15 experiences bullying regularly. This includes direct bullying such as teasing or making fun, indirect bullying such as spreading rumors, and cyber-bullying.According to the Cyber-bullying Research , teenage girls are much more likely to engage in cyber-bullying than boys. Their preferred method of attack? Spreading nasty rumors.

6. They Have Good Hearing

According to studies, girls have more sensitive hearing than boys right from birth, and the gap gets greater with age. Girls’ hearing is more sensitive to speech patterns, making it easier for them to hear what you’re saying … and their verbal processing develops earlier so they understand better, too.

7. They’re Born Afraid of Bugs

Girls are four times more likely than boys to fear spiders in all of their creepy crawly glory. Researchers states that girls are genetically predisposed to develop fear for potentially dangerous insects. Baby girls start to associate pictures of spiders with fear at only 11 months old while boys remain indifferent.

8. They’re Born Crybabies

Girls are biologically wired to shed tears more than boys. The male tear duct is larger than the female’s, so if a girl and a boy both tear up, the girl’s tears will flow down her cheeks quicker. It’s not all about sensitivity … it’s about science!BTW-Women cry between 30 and 64 times a year while men only cry between 6 and 17 times (amateurs!).

9. The Female Body has a Lower Resistance to Alcohol

Believe it or not, but alcohol is even more dangerous for women as they are more prone to liver disease like hepatitis (an inflammation of the liver) and are more likely to die from liver cirrhosis (a chronic disease). It is also more likely that women will suffer brain damage from alcohol like loss of mental functions and reduced brain size.

10. The Average Woman eats 3 kg Lipstick in her Lifetime

When you take the average number of lipsticks bought throughout a lifetime and their average wearability, it comes down to women licking off or eating with food about 3kg of lipstick in their life. That translates to 533.76 lipsticks. Of course, for some women, this number is way too big (or not big enough), so that’s why it’s an average — it varies with country and culture.

11. Style Over Comfort

This curiosity does not have a scientific explanation — rather a social one. Society and media have been pressing women for centuries to hold themselves to a certain standard, be it small feet or a perky behind, and that results in the majority of women choosing stylish presentation over comfort.

12. Heels Were for Men

In the 1600s, women’s fashion’s introduced heels to mimic the men who wore heels as a sign of their masculinity and status.

13. Long Live Women!

Sometimes the life duration differences between men and women can be up to a decade, but on average it is at least 2–5 years all over the world. And this is not only true for human females. Female orangutans and chimpanzees also outlive their male counterparts.

14. A Huge Number of Girls are Abused

A quarter of girls report being victims of some form of physical violence. That includes girls ages 15 to 19 worldwide—approximately 70 million girls—who reported violence since the age of 15. That figure only includes reported cases; many more go unnoticed.

15. Sexual Violence is a Big Problem

1 in 10 girls have experienced forced sexual acts. That’s about 120 million girls under 20 worldwide. A third of them are between the age of 15 and 19 and married, and have been victims of emotional, physical or sexual violence committed by their husbands or partners.

16. Most Violence Against Girls Goes Unreported

In some countries, as many as 70 percent of girls never seek help. Nearly half of girls ages 15 to 19 think a man is justified to beat his wife or partner under circumstances such as refusing to have sex, leaving the house without permission, arguing, neglecting children or burning dinner.

17. Child Marriage is Common

More than 700 million women around the world were married before their 18th birthday. Around a third—about 250 million are married before the age of 15.

18. Three Nippled Ladies

About 2% of women have supernumerary or a third nipple.This is in addition to the two typical nipples on the breasts. The third nipple, or the presence of multiple nipples, is also known as polymastia or polythelia.

19. Turns out all We need is a Hug

A woman will more easily trust somebody who hugs her for at least 15 seconds. It doesn’t mean that you’ll hug her unnecessarily. She should also like it.

20. Liar Liar Pants on Fire! 

Men lie 6 times a day, twice as much as women. This may explain why men drive women so crazy. But it doesn’t prove that men are not loyal.

21. Two Vaginas

Some women are born with two vaginas. It may not be easily noticeable at first but if weird menstrual cycles or excessive bleeding occurs it may be a sign.

22. Richest Woman

The richest woman in the world is Françoise Bettencourt Meyers worth $49.3 billion, she got a stake in L’Oreal, which accounts for most of her fortune.

23. Uneven Breasts 

One breast is always larger than the other. It’s usually a small enough difference to not be noticeable. But no woman has equal-sized breasts.

24. Why women over 40 experience more Orgasms?

A woman’s clitoris grows all throughout at her life and when she hits menopause it actually becomes almost 3 times as large as when she was a teenager.

25. Public Area….

 Women need to go easy on the razors down-the-reef because shaving the pubic area completely has been correlated to increased chances of spreading STI(Sexually Transmitted Infections).

Now let’s talk about the feelings of girls –

What Girls Like

There are many things a girl likes but prefer not to say it verbally but with actions. They give you hints, but we know that you can’t catch it every time, so we just listed some of the things girls like.

1. Girls can easily get scared and would often run away if danger is nearing them, but sometimes, that fear even makes this world more dangerous for them. So girls prefer guys who can protect them and make them feel safe.

2. Girls, however, do not like guys who are overprotective. They have had enough with their parents; they don’t want another protective guard when they enter a relationship.

3. Girls like surprises. A guy might be tired of organizing surprises, but some girls will never be tired of these cutesy stuff.

4. Girls like to hold hands with their boyfriends. They like to feel their lover every time they’re taking a stroll in the park or somewhere else.

5. Girls want to be asked for pieces of advice. It makes them feel that they are trusted.

6. When they think you look good with a certain clothing, they want you to wear it more often.

7. Girls prefer guys who don’t only talk about sex. They want relationships that are more than just a series of physical affection.

8. Girls do not like guys who are too flirty. If you’re serious with a girl, then quit playing.

What Girls Don’t Like

1. Girls dislike guys who keep on talking about their exes. It makes them think you are still not over her.

2. Girls dislike being pushed to their limit. If you see her not in the mood, then let her be.

3. Girls dislike guys who lie. They are way too suspicious, so if you start lying, they’ll know it.

4. Girls dislike guys who make them say the same thing more than once. They hate to repeat what they just said. They will think you are not paying attention to all that they said.

5. Girls dislike guys who talk to the people they hate. This may not be true with everyone, but most of them act that way.

6. Girls dislike guys who can’t keep a secret. They tend to share their deepest secrets once they feel that it’s safe with you. If you reveal them, you’re going to hell.

How Girls Want to Be Treated

1. Girls want to be told sweet things, especially when they are not in the mood.

2. Girls prefer being called sweet and beautiful and lovely rather than hot.

3. Girls want to be cuddled a lot.

4. Girls want guys to show that they are better than their exes.

5. Girls like it when the guy stares at them. It melts their hearts.

6. Girls want guys who reply to messages immediately. And when they are having a conversation with a guy, they want immediate responses to keep it going.

7. Girls like to be hugged by their boyfriend even at random times.

Why Girls Take Time To Style Themselves

1. Girls don’t just stay in the bathroom to sleep while sitting on the toilet bowl. They want to check every part of their body so they’ll look perfect in front of their lovers. But they don’t want it to be taken for granted.

2. Girls have a tendency to think that they don’t look good enough, that they could look better. Guys should be there to tell them that they are look pretty good.

3. Girls want guys to appreciate them even if they are at their worst appearance.

4. Girls want to hear guys talk about the things they love about their physical appearance. For example, they want to hear them say that they have the most beautiful smile.

Real Meaning Of Girl’s Action

1. If a girl flirts, don’t judge her immediately. She doesn’t always mean it.

2. Girls want guys to keep the notes they write for them. Their feelings are embodied in those notes.

3. A girl’s ultimate lie can be summed up in two words: “I’m okay.” If she says she’s all right, she’s lying. It can mean everything is wrong.

4. When a girl says no, she doesn’t want you to give up just like that. She wants you to keep trying.

5. When your girl hugs you tight, let her be. She wants that moment to last longer than you think.

6. If a girl touches a guy, it’s not by accident. She wants to convey that she has interest in you.

7. If you want to know if you really are important to a girl, stare at her eyes and you’ll get the answer you need.

8. When a girl shares with you the things she likes doing, however cheesy they could get, listen to her. It’s those secrets that tell you how she feels about you.

I have told you more than enough facts about girls but as you know it’s endless. So here comes 10 more!!

26. Captain of the Indian women’s national cricket team, Mithali Raj has scored five centuries in One Day International matches throughout her career, a first for any Indian women cricketer.

27. In 1952, Queen Elizabeth II commissioned a shade of red lipstick customised to match her coronation robe. This shade is known as ‘The Balmoral Lipstick’, because of her Scottish country home.

28. Women spend nearly a year of their lives deciding what to wear. I thought it would have been even longer!

29. Girls account for 74% of all new HIV infections among adolescents in Africa. And speaking of the world, more than 16.4 million women have HIV/AIDS.

30. In sub-Saharan Africa, women and girls spend 40 billion hours a year collecting water—the equivalent of a year’s worth of labor by the entire workforce in France.

31. Girls usually gossips more than boys because they can’t keep secrets for more than 47 hours. They would share it with someone definitely.

32. Every 90 seconds across the world, a woman dies during pregnancy or childbirth.

33. In China, women who are unmarried by their late 20s or 30s are called, ‘Sheng nu’ which means the leftover woman. This makes us sad.

34. Of the 123 million young people between the ages of 15 and 24 who cannot read or write, 61 percent of them are women.

35. Half a billion women couldn’t read this list.

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